The experience in the production of honey and bee products is handed down from father to son for several generations now. Founded as a passion in the early 900 and perfected by years of production comes down to our days with innovation and with the help of modern machinery. Today we can produce our products with the same passion of our ancestors and by industrial progress we can offer a unique quality products.
Agrimiele is a manufacturer of bee products and their derivatives which, since its foundation, has always had as its guidelines a corporate philosophy based on the scale of the range of products offered and on a careful balance of quality / price ratio.
Born in 1999 from a decade of production, the company has engaged in a process of development of infrastructure and advanced equipment that contributed to the creation of a productive structure of the top structures and the achievement of operating standards comply with certifications HACCP.

Why choose us?

Agrimiele is 100% Made in Sicily
Agrimiele is 100% Natural
Agrimiele is 100% of its production


We work tirelessly from the slopes of the Valley of the Temples to the Madonie, to tell the communities where we live, the land that we love in the only way that we know … through our work. We bring to people flowers and perfumes we hear every day bringing us in the workplace, in the knowledge that beekeeping plays an important role on biodiversity and provides multiple benefits to the environment.

Photos of our company

Our production of extravirgin olive oil