Available in sizes from 3 to 5 liters and 10 liters


The extra virgin olive oil is now considered by nutritionists is that the operators in the food and catering food for all purposes. Now the idea of olive oil as a mere condiment has been exceeded. The extra virgin olive oil consists of triglycerides, ie Lipids, for more than 98% (saponifiable part) and for the remaining part (unsaponifiable) from over 200 important chemicals such as hydrocarbons, liposoluble vitamins, Phenols .. They are the components nutritional oil. The extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin vitamin E.Tale further reinforces our immune system and combating free radicals, protects us from the aging of cells.

We must believe and convince themselves that there are olive oils “lean” and olive oils “fat”.
From this point of view that is a sweet oil, spicy or bitter it makes no difference.
In olive oil we are also contained 9 kcal per gram like all other fats.